Sisters of Arendelle
{ That's not blizzard, that's my sister! }
The queen and Princess of Arendelle will be answering your questions about their royal life in the kingdom of Arendelle.

Come on and ask us <3 !

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I’M FREEEE, LET IT GOOO LET IT GOOO! Much questions, so little time!

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Anna: Woah, Elsa look! This looks soooooo cool!
Elsa: That’s a good representation of you.
Anna: Yea——Wait, what?

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1. Why alicorns?

-Well, I kept the “princess thing” from the show (My little Pony Friendship is magic) where Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight (and Chrysalis, maybe) are alicorns because they’re princesses. So, why not? [excusesexcuses]

2. Can I RP with this ask blog?

- Maybe, it depends on… what kind of blog are you, snowflake (´ v ` ;;

3. This is an ‘Elsanna’ blog?

-Nope. This ask is purely sisterly love and kawaii things. But I don’t hate you if you like that ship, it’s okay ( ´ v ` <3.. You can ask anything.


-Because yes. Little Horses are absolutely amazing.

5. Why Anna can’t fly like Elsa?

-In my headcanon, both were unicorns at birth. Elsa became into an alicorn in her coronation and Anna the same day but later, when Elsa runs away from Arendelle. Anna can’t fly because she’s a newbie Alicorn (like Twilight on the first episodes after her coronation) but she’s training so hard. And… that’s the main reason.

More questions soon.

Anna: She’s the best cousin in the world!!

Elsa: Indeed.

Anna: I think she don’t like Ice cream…


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Anna: We’re back!! Ask us anything!


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Anna: Chocolate party!

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Elsa: Sometimes…